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SEMIKRON is a market leader in the field of diode/thyristor modules, enjoying a 37% share of the worldwide market. SEMIKRON comprises of a global network of 35 companies, guaranteeing a fast and competent support on-site.

SEMIKRON is a leading global semiconductor manufacturer with 3 chip production sites, 5 module plants, 7 Solution Centers and headquarters in Germany. SEMISTACKŪs, power assemblies with integrated driver, cooling, DC-link-capacitors and protection functions are manufactured as standard or user-specific performance in the solution centers. The broad range of products provides customers with the exact power semicondictor devices required for a wide range of installations. Discretes, modules or systems. More than 30 years ago SEMIKRON invented the first ever insulated power module, SEMIPACKŪ, which has become a trendsetter product and accepted as industrial standard.

Product Overview:
  • Power Semiconductors
    • IGBT
    • IPM
    • CIB
    • MOSFET
    • Thyristor/Diode
    • Bridge Rectifier
  • Driver Electronics
  • Accessories
    • Heatsinks
    • Fans
    • Fuses